About Us

The  splint that inspired a new tool.

After more than 3 decades of dispensing eyewear professionally, Bruce Rubin, ABOC   developed  a  condition called “Trigger Thumb”  which made  adjusting  eyewear  very  painful. Eventually  Bruce  had  surgery  to  repair  the  “trigger”  but  not  before  he invented the Bionic Thumb Tool late in 2015. The inspiration for the tool actually came from the splint pictured here. By March, 2016 the  flesh  and  bone  thumb  had  healed,  the Patent was applied for and by April, 2016, Rubin began selling the tools on the web. Not long after the initial launch, the Bionic Thumb became one of the best selling dispensing tools of the 21st Century! Midway through 2017, Rubin partnered with Hilco Vision in an effort  to keep up with the demand for manufacturing and global distribution. Today the Bionic Thumb Tool is the newest "everyday tool" in thousands of eyewear dispensaries around the world.